Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Our Seeds have been ordered!

What better way to end January than with some seed ordering!

Here is our list of what we ordered, (from the lovely www.giyireland.com shop) and what we hope to grow successfully this year (for ourselves NOT the slugs!).

Beetroot 'Detroit Globe' :

We did not have much luck with our Beetroot last year as the slugs made their way through the seedlings I planted out, so this year I intend to sow all the seeds and hope for the best!

Cabbage, Savoy 'Vertus':

We grew Savoy cabbage last year and what wasn't eaten by slugs was fairly successful, so going to stick with these guys again this year. They produce a nice solid head, while the slugs can have the outer leaves!

Brussel Sprouts 'Brigitte F1':

Never tried growing Brussel Sprouts before, but my mother has had great success with hers, so going to give these a try this year. Fingers crossed for our home grown sprouts for Christmas!

Lettuce, Butterhead 'Sylvesta':

Lettuce has to be one of the easiest plants to grow. I always plant enough though to share with the slugs and plant at intervals too so that we try to have continuous Lettuce throughout the summer.

Salad Mix, Spicy and hot:

Every garden should have a pot for salad mix!

Carrot, 'Autumn King':

A total disaster last year, every time a seedling popped it's head up out of the soil there was a big fat slug waiting to eat it. This year I plan on sowing more than last year in the hope we get at least one or 2 carrots....

Pea, Sugar Snap 'Delikett':

A lovely addition to the garden, I planted our Peas too late last year to have anything more than a couple of pods that we ate every time we passed the bed.

Scallions, spring onion 'Ishikura Bunching':

No salad is the same without a few scallions!

Tomato 'Sungold':

We are trying a different variety this year, after 2 successful years with 'Gardeners Delight'.

We have a few more things to get, but I think I'll leave that for another day.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Our Feathered Friends

We have a few Bird feeders in our garden and I try to keep those feeders filled during the winter months. Not just to keep the birds happy but selfishly so we can see them on a regular basis. We just love to see them around the garden, and what better way to catch a glimpse than entice them with a bit of food throughout the year.

Every garden should have at least one feeder! you just never know what you might see!

Our resident birds include Coal Tits, Great Tits and Blue Tits, regular and cheeky!

We have one Robin and a couple of Blackbirds who visit our feeders too.

Then there is the Wren out the back who doesnt come near the feeders at all but sometimes we catch it sitting on the washing line or the wheelie bins looking in at us.

We also have one Dunnock, and at the side of the garden, in the trees we have a Tree Creeper (whom we thought was a mouse the first time we spotted it running up a branch!).

We get loads of Chaffinches, Greenfinches and Sparrows too.

And every now and again we get some 'blow ins' to the garden.

I thought I would stick up a few photos today for you to enjoy!

This fella visited our garden about two weeks ago to feed off the seeds that the other birds dropped while feeding from the feeder. It was the first time we had seen a Pheasant up so close, needless to say we were all delighted to see him, and he came back for another three mornings too.

 The Goldfinch is a beautiful bird, they tend to visit in groups of 3/4. They visit us once or twice a week.

Male Chaffinch 
 A very regular visiter, himself and his Mrs.

Our Dunnock

Male House Sparrow
Female Greenfinch

Great Tit
This fella and 2 of his friends turned up the other day and I was lucky enough to get a nice few pics of them too. Very attractive posers.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Our Snow Garden

My Winter Poem
 by my son J age 8
Fantastic icicles on the trees
Fantastic snow falling on me
Fantastic snowmen looking at the light
Fantastic ice shining bright
I took my camera out on Monday to take a few photos; with snow covering everything the garden actually looked nice (instead of waterlogged).

The snow hiding the green covered tunnel

No work getting done today!
Hidden by snow instead of just weeds, looks prettier

The poor Daffodils have to pause growing again!

There is a queue for the peanut feeder!