Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Walk in the Park (no computer games allowed)

With so much for kids to do these days its hard to find the time to fit in a nice walk isnt it?

Their days are full; school, homework, soccer and swimming (and thats just the 'must do' stuff).

Nearly every other waking thought is something to do with their computer games or stuff associated with them.

Nintendo is trying to take over their brains! If its not the DS its the Wii !

In this house we have to control the 'takeover' by restricting the use of such games, much to their dismay I can tell you! Given the choice they would pick the games over anything else, its scary sometimes. The youngest fella this morning tried to argue with me about certain restrictions on school days! (chancer)

So when I get the time I drag them kicking & screaming (not really) to a park.

We are so lucky to have 2 wonderful parks within 20 mins drive from our home; Dun a Ri forest park in Kingscourt, the other Castle Lake park in Bailieborough. Both completely different parks too which is great.

Early last week we visited Dun A Ri, with the Cabra river at its lowest level so far this year (that has changed a tad over the passed couple of days).

The boys thought it was great to be able to cross this weir without getting wet (Rabbit bridge in the background). Its just such a magical park, my 2 love it and they forget all about their games at home too!

The other park in Bailieborough has a lake instead of a river, and although the 'adventures' are different the boys love it as much as Dun a Ri.

Needless to say we all enjoyed our walk/adventure, not a DS or Wii in sight!
Our only problem now is making the time to go more often..............

Friday, 4 May 2012

Baby 'things'

I dont think I will ever tire of seeing baby 'things' and Spring is just a wonderful time of year for new baby stuff isnt it? And I dont mean human babies, even though I never tire of seeing newborns either.

Just when the lambing season comes to an end it seems our neighbouring farmer still has babies to deal with and this year he has a different mare with a foal in the field behind our house. A lovely treat every morning when I open back the curtains on our bedroom window.

But not all babies are so easily accessible for photographing as I found out yesterday morning when out for a photo drive.

I found this mammy duck with her 11 ducklings enjoying a summer morning swim, but as soon as she spotted me she was off into the side of the pond with her brood in tow.

I told her I'd be back some day and will get better pics (I hope).

These tiny Pansys self seeded from hanging baskets we had over this spot last year, miniture bundles of gorgeousness.

But best of all this week was a Greenfinch chick being fed.............I love Mother Nature.

Mammy bird ate from our peanut feeder then passed it onto her chick...lovely.