Sunday, 24 March 2013

New Beginnings

I have always loved working with my hands; from gardening to all things DIY.

But the past two years I have been concentrating on re-decorating this old house we bought (tiling, painting, laying wooden floors) and getting the new extension sorted while also trying to sort out our garden and fence some of it in (fence the neighbours goats out more like).

But at the back of my mind I have yearned to to something more creative than making raised beds and fences!

So over the last couple of weeks I have gotten the chance to try out some of my ideas and as scary as it sounds in my head I have decided to open a Facebook page and 'inflict' my ideas on others.

I started with my easiest idea.....
Heart on a String Chalk Board
Then ventured into letters...

Then decided I would stick the chalk board and letters together....

So 'Little Crafts' was born....

I would love if you had a look and if you like what you see please feel free to 'like' my page : ))


Back to the gardening the last time I posted here I had chitted the potatoes, not much has changed since.
Although the potatoes are ready to be planted but their raised beds are not, just yet.

I have 4 tonne bags of top soil sitting outside waiting to be distributed among the sunken beds and I have the final raised bed to make/put in place.

When I get this bed in place I will have six 16ft x 4 ft beds in our garden. Plenty for crop rotation in the future!

Last year I promised myself that I would start sowing my seeds early but I have only managed to sow our Peas and Tomato seeds this week! (bad gardener).

We have been saving our toilet roll holders for the Peas!

So this fortnight, with the help of the boys (who are on school holidays) I hope to weed and refill all of the raised beds, plus make and fill the last remaining one. Then we can plant our spuds!

Now, back to the scribbling/sketching of ideas for my 'Little Crafts' eeek.