Monday, 31 March 2014

Better Late Than Never!!

It has been that long since I've blogged about our garden I wouldn't blame anyone from thinking I don't have one any more!!

I am coming to terms with the realisation that I am more of a warm weather gardener (Spring/Summer) than an all seasons one (whom I admire very much).

So I have finally come out of hibernation and intend to get myself out in among the weeds/mess over the next couple of weeks and take loads of photos (ugly as well as nice) of everything and anything!

BUT first I have to order seeds!! cannot grow anything without some seeds!

So here is my list this year:
 Beetroot 'Detroit Globe' - we had these delicious Beets last year and got a wonderful yield all summer from them.

 Beetroot 'Pablo F1' - because we love beets so much we are going to try a second variety this year.

 Brussels Sprouts 'Brigitte F1' - had these last year, and we had a wonderful crop just in time for Christmas! (and plenty for the freezer).

 Cabbage, Savoy 'Vertus' - another success for our winter veg. last year, so going to go with this variety again - nice hard head which kept the slugs out.

 Carrot, Starca F1 - grew 'autumn king' last year but going to give these a try instead.

 Leek 'Bluegreen winter' - never tried to grow Leeks before but sure there is always a first time for eveything!

 Parsnip, Javelin F1 - another one for the winter, and have never tried this one before.

 Pea, Garden 'Greenshaft' - had a wonderful yield from our Sugar Snap 'Delikett' last year but want to try out a different variety this year.

 Tomato 'Sungold' - these wonderful sweet beauties just gave and gave last year, so are a definite for our polytunnel again this year.

 Tomato 'Rosada' - love trying out new varieties so going to give this one a go.

We ordered all of these from and photos are courtesy of their website too.

Looking forward to some gardening now.