Thursday, 13 September 2012

Fence making; DIY style

I was going to write a big explanation about this DIY job, but I think I will just let the pictures do the 'talking'. After pricing fence panels etc we decided it was alot cheaper for us to make our own. So we bought all the wood in bulk, storing it in our large shed (a big plus when we were buying this property in 2010).
Our stock of treated wood

Clearing the ditch (view 'up' the garden) '11
Ditch cleared, posts & sheep wire up(view 'down' the garden) '11 

All nice & neat (view 'down' the garden) '11
Posts in; cement filled around them '12

My 'baby'
12' lengths halved & shaped
Bulk painting
Drying out
Putting the fence together
View 'up' the garden
Had a little help turning the corner

All finished, 100ft of fencing. For this part of the garden all I have to do now is to make a gate; but thats another days work methinks.


  1. What a lovely red fence! Come to Galway and be my neighbour please!
    Looking forward to seeing the gate now!

  2. Thank you! Would love human neighbours! dont know how next doors animals feel about our new fence (their farmer says its nice).
    Gate done, when I've the latch/bolt on I'll post a pic...