Friday, 19 August 2011

Our day trip through Donegal

The most annoying thing about a 'staycation' in Ireland is the unpredictable weather, as we all know only too well over the past few (so called) summers.

BUT as we all know too, no matter what type of weather there is we will always manage to find a gem of a view or a waterfall or something that takes our breath away. And when theres been alot of rain theres loads of fast flowing water!

Myself and herself love the countryside, especially anything to do with water (maybe thats why we ended up living in Cavan, a lake for every day of the year!) and it felt like we stopped to have a look at every river/stream and lake we came across on our way from Letterkenny to Glenveagh National Park.

I make no apologies for the following photos, the day was dull and overcast but I took loads....heres a few hehe

Poor solitary tree


  1. I had a staycation too! Your photos really capture the wonderful open and unspoiled landscape there in Cavan, I love it, just exactly my cup of tea:~)