Friday, 13 January 2012

Early morning drive..

I knew when I got up this morning it was going to be a nice wasnt dark when I opened the curtains. The sun was rising and there was frost on everything.

Dropped the boys to school and went for a drive to Lough Sillan.

Its a very large lake, great for watersports and fishing.

I knew driving into the village of Shercock that the views over the lake were going to be nice, it was -1 outside, and there was a fog over the other wee lakes around the town.

The picture above shows the sun rising over the village.

Made me feel good to be alive this morning, I felt so lucky to be witness to this gorgeous view.

The last time I was here with the lake this still I had the pleasure of seeing 2 Otters swimming across from the Mobile home park on the right of this picture out towards the middle of the lake and out to another wee island.

I have also spotted a Kingfisher on the banks of this lake! but I didnt have either my camera or my phone on me, so missed taking a picture of him.

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