Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Gardening has started!

And about time too!

Finally I can do some gardening, albeit indoors, on a windowsill.

I know Spring offically starts in our green isle the first day of Feb and the Daffodils have started to poke their noses out everywhere but our garden is still in the winter season (except for this one small group of minature Daffs).

This time last year I was outdoors tiding up and clearing ditches etc. The ground was hard after the long cold spell we had and the days were crisp and fresh (of course it was also our first spring in our new home too and were very enthusiastic).

But this year the garden is waterlogged, I have never walked on ground sooo wet. I need my wellies to walk around the raised beds!!

The pool in the above picture is a leftover of the extension work we had done last year to our house and lies as a constant reminder we need to drain our back garden.
So needless to say I have no motivation to do anything outdoors until it dries up a bit....

But one thing I can do is chit some spuds!
I bought some seed potatoes yesterday in the local garden centre and chitted them today.

Last year we tried Kerrs Pinks and Queens, both gorgeous flavour.
So this year we wanted to try something different so have first earlies Home Guards and main crop of Sarpo Mira.

And with saved egg cartons we 'chitted' them all, and now they sit proud on a bedroom windowsill.

Let the gardening begin!

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  1. Fair play! Your chitting is pretty impressive! O dear am way behind this year, thanks for the inspiration, better get moving:~)