Friday, 13 April 2012

Hedgerow Wonders

I grew up in the countryside, 2 miles (3 & a bit km) from the nearest town.
Our nearest neighbour, a bachelor, lived just far enough away that he might be able to make out when my mother was shouting for one of us to come in from the yard/garden, so not that far away but far enough.

I loved living in the solitude of the countryside, I loved wandering up the fields and up the small river that runs at the back of my families dairy farm. Being the eldest of 7 children I kept my sanity by going for these solitary walks.

It gave me time to think, breath and escape the madness of a busy household and most of the time stressed-out mother. It also gave me the time to appreciate the wonderfulness of Mother Nature.

In those days cameras were a luxury, and sure the mobile phone was something we only saw Americans having on the telly! (they had EVERYthing) So the only records are in my memories.

Nowadays we never leave home without the auld mobile, and they all have cameras on them so when we see something that Mother Nature has to offer we can snap it up and like me now, share it with the world.

Myself and my offspring went for a walk down our neighbouring lane (which we have found out is nicknamed the Bog Road) yesterday; I am trying to share my love of the solitude of the countryside with them, and point out all of Mother natures wonders too..

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