Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

I didnt know how to start my blog today, but maybe I will share things in the order of the title (courtesy of that old Western film with the easily recognisable title music).

The Good...
We bought 6 Raspberry plants a few months ago, but never got round to finding a suitable spot to plant them in (yet). The idea was to make a raised bed especially for them, with a windbreak around them for protection. But unfortunately they are not a priority so far. So I have them tucked in beside our resident Blackcurrant bushes, which are happily living, setting root, and bulging with fruit (havent picked them just yet).
We didnt give much hope for the Raspberries stuck in their 2 litre pots, until we spotted some fruit! have eaten a few ripes ones already and they're gorgeous!

And our first Tomatos have started to show as well!!!
I knew if I stopped worrying about them something good might happen!! yay!!

The Bad...
Over the past few days we have had a daily invasion of the neighbours goats. Not sure which ones but they have been doing consistant damage. We reckon its one of the younger kids because of the damage done.
After the first invasion I did a recheck of the wire fence on the offending ditch which they must have been crossing. I found where I thought they were getting in (jumping over our wire fence!) and blocked it back up. The following day they had come back in and this time breaking 2 young apple trees and one pear tree in half. I came very close to tears when I saw them!

Even our last surviving Sunflower got beheaded!

The Ugly
So in the meantime we have to use other pieces of timber to block up where we think they are getting in until we have our new fencing panels in place.............not the nicest view !!

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