Tuesday, 5 July 2011

oooh our Pepper plants are flowering!!

I was nervous planting out our Peppers a few weeks ago, having never grown them before. I put three in per grow bag, gave them a good watering and hope for the best.

Then the slugs attacked two, leaving nothing but the stem! And the rest seemed as if they werent growing there for a while.
I have begun to realise that the less attention one pays to things growing the better they take care of themselves!
The two plants that were slugs dinner have grown back fully and the rest have started sprouting wee flower buds...........the first two/three opened today!

And while I was in the mood for taking photos heres a pic of the gorgeous Gaillardia 'goblin', its first flower in bloom:

And equally gorgeous Echinacea purpurea:

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