Sunday, 3 July 2011

The builders have started!

When we sold our house in Dublin we never thought we would end up with a house that is as old as this one. We dont have an actual age, the nearest date we have is that it was built prior to 1965.
Well thats not too bad, except this house once had its toilet in a shed out the back! Now what age could it be? we have decided not to speculate.....

So after a few failed attempts at buying one of the popular 4 bed newly built mansions in Cavan/Monaghan we came across this wee house. The previous owners had already 'done it up' ie installation/new wiring and converted attic, but it needs a little more room.

So we bought it with the plans in mind to build on an extension out the back, to add a master bedroom with ensuite, plus extending our kitchen/living area, which includes adding south facing French doors.
Then we had to look for a builder.....and one that wasnt a cowboy or in debt up to their eyeballs!. We got a few quotes and got a builder lined up.
After waiting 3/4 months they arrived on Thursday & started work:

Shed gone and so is more of the lawn, to make way for more driveway and later on a patio...
Important meeting going on!
I cant wait until all this disturbance is over.

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