Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Blackleg ! some of our spuds have it !

Ever heard of Blackleg? well I hadnt before this week.
I grew up on a farm, where spuds were grown in the field , in long drills, not the garden. So we had loads of them! and blight is the only disease that I thought affected Potatos.

But I am learning all the time and what better way to learn than to experience this kind of thing, unfortunately.

Noticed a couple of our Kerrs Pinks were wilting, the leaves had turned in and near the soil the stem had turned black.
When I started researching what was wrong Blackleg was the result.
The cure? pull out the diseased plants. We had to pull four plants, and so far I cant see it on any more so hopefully it hasnt spread.
On the positive side we had our first harvest of spuds, albeit a bit on the small side.
 And they were lovely too for the dinner this evening!!

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