Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Been a busy week...

It feels like ages since I blogged last, its been a busy week.

We had a heating change, swapped this
old oil cooker, now in our porch
for this....

and left with this gap to fill....

gorgeous isnt it?..not

So now we have the 'incredibly hard' job (tongue in cheek) of finding a new cooker to fill the gap...........hehe we are looking forward to this job with glee!!

That was Wed & Thurs, then on Sat our youngest child celebrated his First Holy Communion. The ceremony was lovely, the innocence of all the kids was a joy to witness, brought a wee tear to my eye!

So Bank Holiday weekend over its back to work!!

Courgette/Gourd bed
The Courgettes need a new home, and I've the bed ready for them. I decided to cover the bed with black permeable sheeting, not just to control weeds (not a problem with these veg) but to act like a mulch to retain moisture. The experts say that straw is great for under these type of plants, but I have no access to any straw.

They are all starting to flower, now I have the hard task of picking out 3 to plant, then give the remainder away.

Think we'll have loads of veg!
So we're off out to the garden now, it has stopped raining! yay! hopefully long enough to do some planting....we also have a few Dahlias, Fessias and Primulas that we bought at Bloom in the Park on Monday to plant. Must go....stop dossing!!

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