Thursday, 9 June 2011

Where is our summer?

Its so hard to believe its June, I managed to plant out 3 Courgette plants inbetween showers yesterday, but didnt have enough dry time to put up a shelter, so as you can see some old tyres which were near at hand have had to do the temporary trick!

But now we hear that the weather is to get colder and even some 'grass frost' tonight!! and the courgettes dont like the cold! what are we supposed to do? go dig them up again? We dont even have any fleece to cover them with, ah well its only our first year so we'll time.

This morning there was a bit of sunshine so I took my camera out before I did a bit of gardening..

Our Turnips need thining!
Netting to keep the birds off!
The spuds have flowered
On a different note the neighbours goats (3 of them) broke into our garden the other day, they managed to climb up on a part of the ditch and used the sheep wire fence as leverage to jump across!! well my partner spotted them and had to chase them back out across a part of the ditch I cant fence yet. The ditch is now scattered with bits of wire and old wooden pallets to block up any openings they might fit through.
poor sad apple tree
In the few minutes they were in they managed to eat the heads off 2 of our 4 sunflowers, and leaves off our fruit trees....
I got a pic of 'Squeeky toy' and his brats of older brothers/sisters today, we'd better get a start on our timber fencing before he too pays us a visit!!
There is just too many things to be done at the same time in our garden, but as the saying goes 'Rome wasnt built in a day'.

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