Sunday, 12 June 2011

Watch pot never boils!!

And so bloody true that is!
I dont think our carrots have grown over the past few weeks, they seem to have stayed the same size since we planted them out.
And as for my Basil....its stunted, and the couple that are actually bigger than an inch are fast becoming the culinary delight of the slugs that seem to be surviving our night slug patrol; frog jr & snr (spotted a second frog the other night, an adult).
The Coriander I grew from seed has all died, they managed to get to their first set of 'true leaves' then stopped growing.
Our 'Gardeners Delight' Tomato plants are also stunted with wilted leaves on top. I am starting to think it was caused by the 2 days we had scorching temps, way back when..... we did have a heatwave didnt we? or am I just imagining it with all this rain & cold!
The Peppers seem to have also stopped growing, they too are being attacked by slugs, third one munched on last night (think I'll have to sack the frogs!)

At least these guys have been growing....
9 newly planted Gourds!
Well at least for now........they are probably all drowned out there tonight.

I'm starting to realise how much I love the planting of seed, then watching it germinate, more than the planting out and waiting for harvesting.. I have no patience!
So to that end I sowed some Little Gem and Iceberg Lettuce seedsthis evening, along with some Baby Spinach and Rocket seeds. This way I can satisfy my craving for watching stuff grow from the comfort of our kitchen windowsill (it had started to look bare again).
And maybe while I am distracted with the new growth inside the outside stuff will have a growth spurt!

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