Monday, 20 June 2011

Twas like Christmas came early!

At the young age of 38 (nearly 39) I had all but forgotten the excitment of Christmas morning; going into the sitting room to see what Santa left behind during the night.. and then tearing open the wrapping paper to reveal the treasure inside.

Well I got a taste of that excitment again on Friday, when the courier delivered our order from Johnstown Garden centre. I couldnt wait to open the boxes :
Then I thought I'll grab my camera, before I opened any more, just to show what a great job the garden centre did wraping up our order of plants, all in 2 litre pots.
12 different types of perennial flowers.........hopefully all very hardy!
Heres a snippet of the ones that are in bloom already:
The tiny flowers of Achillea paprika
The beautiful Geum koi
Persicaria darjeeling red
Now all we have to do is prepare the beds we are going to plant them in! have a corner rockery nearly ready, will stick up some pictures of before/after when we have it finished.

And after my last blog I really needed something positive happening in the garden so here is the bit of life in the form of some salad seedlings:

Now if only we could get our order of old scaffolding planks so we can finish making up our raised the time we get them done it will be too late to plant our winter veg!

Its tough starting out, we have to keep reminding ourselves that patience is a virtue and this time next year we will be far better organised than we are this year.

But for now lets hope for a bit more dry weather so at least we can have some colour for the next few months.

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