Friday, 10 June 2011

Plums anyone?? hehe

Every evening myself and my partner do a 'walkabout' (when shes not at work) to survey our 'kingdom'; we feel so lucky to have a garden, and the simple joys that a newly ripened Strawberry or blackened Blackcurrants can give is wonderful !
Its at dusk that we can truly appreciate the hard work put in during the day. I for one look at the garden with a smile of achievement, rather than what else needs to be done.
And when we reach the polytunnel a slug or 2 have started  to peek out so we can do a bit of house moving for them (ie throw them onto the ditch). But last night my partner suggested we leave one slug that we found incase our resident frog doesnt have enough to eat..... ahem..... I threw it across the ditch, informing her that the poor frog will have enough to eat ! hehe

In the mornings, like this morning, I do a 'walkabout' but its with a different feeling. Firstly the fear that the goats have broken in earlier and destroyed our hard work (thankfully not this morning) and secondly anxiety mixed with excitment about all the work that has to be done in the next few weeks.

The first thing I did spot this morning (with camera in hand) was the neighbours goats, they ran away from our ditch, then stopped to look back at me

Cheeky !
Did find a big job that has to be done soon; one of the trees in the wee orchard has turned out to be a Plum tree, but as it is laden down with fruit it has to be thinned or the branches will break!!
Now if only the outside temperature would increase a wee bit so I have to motivation to leave the house........
I did bake a cake of brown bread though, so I dont feel soooo guilty for dossing online! yum, the smell is gorgeous.

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