Sunday, 26 June 2011

New Flower beds finished!

A couple of weeks back we decided we would have to do something about the mound in our front lawn, directly outside the front door. I'd say the previous owners had plans for it, judging by the amount of stones in it, but never got really started.
Before :View A
Before : View B
I took out all the big stones, then wed the whole thing...alot of big weeds with big roots!
Very satisfying feeling when I had it finished!
With the hardest bit done the easy bit was buying some perennials, which we did over the past 2 weeks (already blogged about some of em).
Well we covered the bed in weed control fabric (should really be called slug paradise!), then filled it with plants and today finally finished it off with bark.
I will stick up a picture when all the flowers are in full bloom later in the summer (oh and the big plant in the middle is actually an Acer palmatum, bought at last years Bloom in the Park, before a house purchase had fallen through, and has lived in its pot ever since!).
After: View A
After: View B
And we also finished another wee bed as well today, its gonna be called my partners 'birthday flower bed' because all the flowers were for her birthday, from our boys (which she picked out for herself lol). These are what I blogged about in my last blog 'more gorgeous flowers'.
We are looking forward to having loads of wee flower beds all over the front lawn.
But all in good time....

Now if only we could stop the slugs......they adore Dahlias! think I'll be making a visit to the flower beds tonight after I finish up here.

I really hope the weather gets better, would be great to have at least 2 days in a row dry, for a change.

Expecting our delivery of old scaffolding planks (for more raised beds) in the morning, ordered a month ago!
So I need a bit of dry weather to get them sorted.
Our poor veg seedlings think they are doomed to life in a module tray, but maybe by the end of the week we will have them free to grow.
Heres wishing...

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