Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Oh to be a farmer...

I have a fair idea why people love being gardeners, (being a bit of one myself), but over the past few months I can fully understand why people love keeping animals.........and I dont mean the usual pets, I mean farm animals.
Babies, babies & more babies!
Our neighbour has a small holding and a selection of animals and fowl, and luckily for us we get to see whats going on 'over the hedge' alot these days.

I grew up on a farm, and when I was a child we had cattle, pigs and sheep, plus geese & turkeys for the Xmas and laying Hens all year round. By the time I hit my teens our farm was just a Dairy farm though (more money in a specialised area).

But since becoming an adult the only animals I have lived next door to have been cats & dogs, courtesy of our Dublin housing estate.

For years I longed for the country life. I longed to bring my kids up in a similar environment as I grew up in.
By moving to the country, buying a house with a large garden I knew I would get some of my wish, little did I know we would also get to live next door to such a variety of life (without having to do any of the hard work! lol).

Well mother horse & her foal have gotten braver and have been coming down the field the past couple of days, so yesterday my youngest came in to tell me that they were right beside our fence and I got my camera out.

And on the other side of our garden this mammy has twins!

He also has a few goats with young wans but I havent been able to get any decent pics of them....but I will!
We have noticed that the horse, cow and sheep are all very protective mammies, but the goats are completely the opposite with their babies!
We have given one of the 'kids' a nickname...'squeeky toy' because thats what it sounds like when the rest of his group run off on him and leave him behind in a different part of the yard/field. He eventually finds his family though, its never the other way round and until he does he squeeks and squeeks.
Might get a pic over the next few days, seeing as we're promised some dry weather! think I will just bring my camera out with me while in the garden.....ya just never know what ya gonna get!

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