Monday, 27 June 2011

Making a raised bed..

Finally, our order of second-hand scaffolding planks were delivered this morning.
And about time too! I had a bed prepared for the past few weeks waiting for the timber.

Our soil type is heavy clay and the back garden is at the bottom of a sloping field, which has a spring in as well! So after a few days rain our lawn is sopping wet to walk on. No drainage at all.
It would be a massive job to drain the entire garden, so we decided to put in a load of raised beds instead for our fruit/veg, along with the 2 already here (with spuds in this year).

To prepare the ground we dug up the turf, and dug down about a foot & half, then put in a layer of sand/gravel to help with drainage (we hope). Then put the turf/soil back in upside down.

And then waited on the planks to arrive....
So started the first bed today
16ft by 4ft bed
I set out the planks, fours 8ft planks and two 4ft planks for each end.
Then screwed each plank to the other.
I held each corner with a square post, and joined the longer planks with another 2 posts.
nearly there!
With the wood done it was time to fill it with top soil (which we had to buy), and some compost mix that we also got a while back.
Couldnt do it though because our wheelbarrow has a puncture!!!! and heres me thinking that it was a great idea buying a barrow with an inflatable tyre, only  I cant get the wheel off to repair it! Dont know what I'm going to do now.
So again our beds are put on hold, unless I start hauling buckets over and back to fill it....not likely.

Anyway, one down, three to go..............

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