Wednesday, 22 June 2011

new life is always amazing !

Every day I study our Courgette plants, watching the flowers die and fall off, looks like they are all male flowers. Sadly still no sign of a female flower with fruit....
But while I have been sighing over them I nearly missed the new baby on one of our Pumpkin plants (which I still havent planted in the ground).
And loads of new buds have been peeping through on our patio Rose (which has travelled with us from our Dublin suburb).

New life is just wonderful, especially when that new life takes the form of a child!
Twice a year, on both my sons birthdays, I go back to when they were born. Two moments in my life I will never forget, memories I will cherish forever. Happy Birthday J !
This fella will be 9 in the morning, pic taken when he was 6, a moment captured by my partner (who shares his birthday, Happy Birthday Mrs Dory!!)

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