Friday, 24 June 2011

More gorgeous flowers..

We called into a garden centre (couldnt pass it more like) after having lunch out for my partners birthday yesterday.
My kids wanted her to pick out some flowers as a birthday pressie, but as there was so much choice we ended up with more than one flowering plant!
We came away with a selection, and an idea for a new bed in the front garden.
Anyway, the ultimate goal for both of us is to have garden full of flowers, and very little lawn, but we are a long way off that yet!

The first flower to catch our eyes was this Dahlia, its vibrant red called at us to buy one! so we bought two:
We also picked up 2 trays of these gorgeous Salvia splendens, perennials but sold as annuals..
Salvia splendens
And to contrast all the red we picked up a tray of white flowers...'carpet of snow'
Lobularia maritima
Now most gardeners know that Dahlias come in alot of shapes, sizes and colours (except blue!) and I have seen alot of them over the years, and loved all of what I have seen. I think Dahlias could become a regular feature in all parts of our cottage garden (if soil allows ).
Especially if this is anything to go by..........
Dahlia goldalia
We bought three of them, full of buds and one gorgeous bloom each.
I think we have enough for now though.... buying them is sooo easy, its the planting out thats the hard bit.

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