Sunday, 29 May 2011

A dry days viewing

At the entrance to our home there is an old Rose bush, now laden down with buds. We spotted the first flowers today. Gorgeous wee white blooms...

Looking forward to seeing it in its full glory!
We love Roses, and its been kinda exciting wondering what colour flowers the 2 bushes the previous owners left behind would turn out.
Well the second bush is at the front of our house, and another gorgeous bloom is starting to peek out..
Its going to be a busy week in our house methinks....have a bit of housework to do before the weekend (youngest having his first Holy Communion Sat), then the wood for the fencing is due during the week plus the top soil order. Must get our planks of wood for the raised beds, no good having the soil and no beds!! And hopefully by the end of the week we will have our new heating system installed too (fingers crossed!!!)

While watering our Tomatoes & Peppers in the polytunnel this evening our 'slug killer' hopped out from under a growbag and made for the side of the tunnel....while I made for my camera! he/she is only a baby but hopefully a hungry baby!

And heres a picture of some more of our neighbours...these guys are noisey feckers!! (theres 7 in total)

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