Thursday, 12 May 2011

Enough rain already!

Okay, last week I was wishing for a drop of rain so our garden could get refreshed after 3 dry weeks........but now I am wishing it would stop! well just for a little bit anyway.

I think anyone who gardens is probably the minute we want rain the next a dry spell.

So this is the compromise oh wonderful Mother Nature.........I'd like rain during the night, not too much though, and then in the morning (like this morning when I was lulled into a false sence of security/hope) let your wonderful sunshine dry up the ground just enough so I can work it, and plant more of your wonderful creations.
Then as the afternoon passes I will know you wont send thunder showers that will wash away any newly planted seeds, but a mild drizzle just to water things down before dusk.

So because I have been stuck indoors today I have been trying to keep busy by researching prices of Timber Fencing and suppliers who deliver...............not an easy task!

We have a ditch one side of our garden, about 50metres long, and although we are trying to become farmers in our new abode/life we would rather the neighbours Goats didnt call in to visit!
When we moved in there was nothing to stop them from coming in:

View of some of the offending ditch

Now we dont mind the Hens coming to visit, but Goats eat EVERYTHING, including bark off Apple trees.

Sooo, I cleared/tidied up the ditch:

 and put up some posts and sheep wire:

 Now the problem is our Jack Russell who is very, very inquisitive and playful. We cant let him off the lead when outdoors yet (hes not used to this rural lifestyle yet), because he would LOVE to go visit in next door.

Along with the Hens & Goats, the neighbour has Ducks, Geese, Sheep/Lambs, Cattle.........every Jack Russells dream play things!

Keeping an eye on the neighbours!
So the only solution is block his view by putting up timber fencing boards, not a cheap or easy job!

I cannot put all the blame for this venture on the dog......we too would like a bit more privacy.

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