Friday, 20 May 2011

Our Peppers have graduated!

I feel like my kids have just graduated and now they have to go out into the big bad world and look after themselves!

Why do I feel like this? Well I planted out our Pepper plants today in the polytunnel.

I sowed 5 'fiesta f1' seeds and 25 'long red marconi' back in February, watched them germinate 2/3 weeks later.
And I have been watching and minding them on our kitchen windowsill since!
I started 'hardening them off' 2 weeks ago, putting them out in mini greenhouse and bringing them in every evening.

So I got the growbags ready, put them in the polytunnel yesterday to warm up, then planted out my babies today.

We decided to try putting 3 plants in per bag, just as we did for the Tomato plants, and hope for the best.............
I suppose if we cant get into the polytunnel in a month or 2 we have no one to blame but ourselves hehe

So we have 5 'fiesta f1' plants, and 12 'long reds', plus one special plant........a pepper seed from a bought pepper.

So fingers crossed they all live!

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