Sunday, 22 May 2011

Job nearly done....between showers

Well when it was sunny it was really sunny but when it was wet it was really wet.

Although I did manage to get out for a lovely walk with my 2nd son (1st son at a party) & our Jack Russell to a local forest park for an hour.

Back out to the garden in the afternoon my trench had taken on a bit of water during the night...
Thats the problem with our garden, theres an incline, as you can see from the pic, and the water lodged at the bottom.
But not a problem for long. Emptied the compost bin.......

It was funny, there was a smell of rotten stuff along with the sweet smell of Oranges!
I emptied it all into the trench and covered it back over.

I managed to get it all filled in before another shower.
But I didnt have time to give the solid clay a bit of a mix up.
We have ordered more top soil so I might have to add a bit to this mound before putting anything in it to grow.

We have sooo much happening in the next few weeks at our house I dont know what to do next!
Hopefully by this time next week this shed will be flattened to give way to a new extension to our house....

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