Monday, 23 May 2011

NOT a day for the garden!

Such winds!!!

I was woken up early this morning with the gusts of wind outside, and the fear that my mini greenhouses would be blown over!
But luckily they were still standing. I wasn't long getting up though to move them to a more sheltered position!

The gusts never let up all day, and the showers were heavy and frequent.
But I got out for a look around this evening when the showers stopped to check on everything.....

One of our apple trees, the biggest one, had blown over.
The ties that had held it up had snapped, the tree too top heavy to withstand the force of the wind.
But it looks like we can pull it back up without damaging it too much.........hopefully.

Our little Dahlia snapped as well.....sigh..... even the smallest of damage  isnt nice.
I hope all other gardeners had little or no damage today!

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