Monday, 16 May 2011

Soil problems.........

Oh I never thought when we bought a house with a large garden that we would need to buy in Top Soil!

When making up some smaller raised beds (4' by 3') we bought a tonne of top soil mix, all of which was used.

But still we dont have enough beds for all we want to plant out, so more raised beds needed plus more top soil!

We have the misfortune of having Heavy Clay, and when its wet its very wet, and when it gets dry it gets very dry.

We are also at the bottom of a slight slope, so all the rain comes down the slope into our garden.
Great for the frogs, but not great for us!!

So off we go (again) sourcing soil ! & us living in the middle of the countryside!
The funny thing is we'll probably end up getting it from Dublin !!

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