Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My little helpers...well I hope they will be

Being Organic in the garden is going to be difficult methinks!

BUT we have to try dont we, and sure what will be will be.
I have to get into a new mindset that not everything is going to grow or survive. That the pests need to eat too!
As someone once said if you are planting Lettuce make sure you plant enough for the slugs/rabbits too!

Well Aphids have been busy on a few of our apple trees.
We only noticed when this started to happen :

A spray of soapy water slowed their eating spree down though, my partner did all the hard work...not easy when there is 7 trees to hand spray!

I read in various gardening books that companion planting with flowers and veg can help ward off garden pests.
So I planted a load of Nasturtiums and French Marigolds in modules earlier and now I think they are ready to plant out (as soon as the monsoon rains have passed).

These are my Nasturtiums, I saved the seed from ones I had last year and so far so good:
The Aphids love them so I will plant a few around all the trees in our orchard, and hope for the best. They will also act as a mulch under the trees and help keep moisture around the roots.

These are the French Marigolds, also grown from saved seed:
I hope they flower now!
These will be dotted around the garden too.

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