Friday, 27 May 2011

More babies...

Our neighbouring farmer has had some new additions to his farm; this mother had her baby four days ago, and spent the first few days hidden away in a top field, but came a little closer to our house yesterday.
He also has more Goats (as if the five he had wasnt enough!), as far as I can figure out he has 2 sets of twins, but I cannot get a good shot (as in picture, mind you if they cross our fence..... hehe) of them yet.

Sprouting Leeks
More babies are our own...our Leeks and Cabbage have germinated.
Cabbage seedlings

We are a bit behind with planting most of our veg, but hopefully over the next 2 weeks that will be rectified.............we have a few ton of top soil due next week and we have found a salvage yard that sells old scaffolding planks, so we can make a few more raised beds.

I have to keep reminding myself that this is our first year, and as the saying goes 'Rome wasnt built in a day'.

Now if we could only get a bit more dry hours in the day I might get a bit more of the garden dug for those raised beds!!

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