Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The smelly side of Organic gardening!

Five weeks ago we got some fresh Seaweed from a Sligo beach and managed to get it back home (3 hour drive) without it stinking out the car too much!
Put it in a plastic bin, filled it with fresh water and let it ferment!
And fermenting is what it has been doing with gusto since!

Every few days we give it a stir, any excuse to check it out.
In another 2 months or so we can start using it but it has to be diluted down first with water 10:1.
This is what it looked like this morning, before the stirring:

Looks ok, but it is starting to smell awful!
We plan on using it for our potatos and Brassicas, it is rich in minerals and nitrogen and very potent fertiliser (pity about the potent smell!)

In the meantime my partner put some freshly cut nettles into another plastic bin, filled it with fresh water and now 4 weeks later we have lovely Nettle Tea to use on everything! (except the carrots/parsnips of course who do not like fertile ground).
Such an easy fertiliser, nettles are found everywhere!

But OMG it it the worst smell we have ever smelled!

Well my partner started using it today, and hopefully we will start seeing the benefits soon.
This is diluted 10:1 with water, the same as the Seaweed Tea.

Warning though: use gloves when using it, and be careful not to splash any on your clothes!!

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