Sunday, 15 May 2011

Talk about fast!!!!

Its only been 7 days since I first blogged with pictures of our Pumpkin/Gourds germination.............well this is what they look like this evening!
Our 'hundredweight' Pumpkins!
Our Gourds a week on!
The Pumpkins are in 3" pots, but I will have to move them on very soon!
The Gourds seem to be growing upwards because they dont have enough room in the 3"pots they are in. I will move them into individual ones this week.

I never thought they would grow soooo fast!
They are an amazing plant to grow, great for kids (who are very impatient for things to grow).

As for my Courgettes; well the windowsill is starting to look small, so I will have to start hardening them off this week.

They already have their second set of true leaves!
Their first true leaves are massive!

I've had a very busy weekend family wise, so am looking forward to getting into the garden tommorow, fingers crossed we get a dry day!

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