Sunday, 8 May 2011

A new beginning!

What better way to start anew but to blog about new life?

I planted some Gourds and Pumpkin seed 5 days ago and they have started to sprout already!
These are the Gourds & for anyone who doesnt know what these are, (like myself until I bought the seed packet) they are the small, weird looking pumpkins, green, yellow, white, striped etc.

This pumpkin 'hundreweight' seed is only starting to peek through ^

Looking forward to seeing them grow.

We have loads of planting to do in the next week of our winter veg:
Parsnips, Cabbage, Turnips, Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli and Leek.

The trouble is we dont have enough raised beds at the moment, I think we might end up planting in seed beds for the time being then transplant later on when we have some more beds made.

The courgettes are flying, I planted these seeds 2 weeks ago and now have seedlings big enough to go into individual pots.

 I didnt think the 10 seeds I planted would all sprout!
Having grown 2 of these plants a few years ago I know how bountiful they can be AND how big these plants can grow too!

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