Saturday, 21 May 2011

The joys of an Irish Gardener!

Rain, rain and more I have a faint memory of wishing for rain a while back because we got none (not one drop) for 3 weeks solid back in April, but now I've had enough, and take back my wish.

What happened to rain some days, sunny other days and rain again? just like when I was a kid??

Its kinda disrupting my outdoor plans.......
Yesterday, apart from my Pepper graduation, I managed to dig a trench, 15 ft long, 3ft wide and a spade length in depth (about 12 inches).
We are getting in a new heating system in our cottage this week and I have to move a compost bin first (its beside our oil tank which is being moved) The previous owners left it behind so I have no idea whats in it or how long its been there.
So the plan is to empty the bin into the trench and cover it over. Then later on in June I plan on planting some of the Courgettes and Gourds on the trench.

The Pumpkins are going to be planted on another mound, which will have the rotten seaweed from our seaweed Tea under it.

Its all a big experiment but it sounds good!

Now if the rain would just ease off a bit I might get my job finished!

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